Welcome buddies to amazing week…..


I am SYED JUNAID AHMED, studying Mechanical engineering(II year) from VSM College Of Engineering,near KAKINADA,RAMACHANDRAPURAM.

I have interest in Robotics,3D -Printing,Bio-mechanics ,Wearable technology,Web Designing,reverse engineering,programming….. alot,When i was in (Ist year) came to know about Sixth Sense Project ( Pranav Mistry ) at TED.com,then i started searching about MIT Media Labs i felt awesome ,the fluid interfaces is awesome group with lots fun and inventions i.e., kaala-printer-contraption by ANIRUDH SHARMA presented at inktalks(Indian TED) ,i  watched a ink talk by Ramesh Raskar sir about 6 formulas to help you innovate was awesome, research at camera culture awesome,i found biology+ mechanical engineering  for making artificial leg which make the person to move.. and run fast as athletes which is awesome,then i got interested in MIT Media Lab and want to do Masters at MIT Media Labs

I am a creative thinker, quick learner and  enthusiast at technology, always willing to work late nights,I believe that persons of same age group  thinks parallel to innovate,the only thing who express or present it first, he will reaches the goal. Therefore  if we work collaborate and teamwork will create great wonders when comparatively as individual effort .

I thank #ReDx(MIT and LVPEI ) team for selecting me,It was a dream to see and work with some equipment like 3D printer,Google Glass,digital microscope……which is going to be true i think,i will work hard these 7 days with fasting of RAMADAN ,to do innovative project.i hope this program makes happy life’s for lots people who are suffering with blindness,now i can’t wait to attend the workshop this one day is looking like long day,have to start travel today,i’ll be reaching very early in the morning of the 12th to hyderabad,I will be arriving at the hotel by 4.00pm

Looking forward to see everyone

Let’s create new culture of science, rapid ideation  and prototyping with enthusiasm and dedicated mind.

amazing week is ahead….

waiting for it






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