EyeCare Innovation in the Land of the Nizams

Hyderabad! Yes, thats what comes to my mind when one mentions ‘Nizam’! The Hyderabad state has been synonymous with the Nizams in India since 18th century. Nizmas were the rulers of Hyderabad state. Hyderabad famous for Hyderabadi Biryani (The city’s cuisine is a blend of Mughal, Persian and Telugu cuisine), Char Minar and the Golconda fort one of the biggest cities of India! Of course, now it is the IT capital with many IT campuses.

The moment I heard about the workshop, i knew it will be a landmark one. WIth collaboration with the likes of LV Prasad Eye institute and CYIENT under the guidance of MIT Media Labs, it will be nothing less than stunning. And EyeCare: one of the areas where innovation can actually to health care. Not only improve the visual experience of the impaired, but also add new dimensions to people with normal vision. I have add an experience with MIT Media labs; it was for an internship at IIT Bombay – ReThinking Diagnostics Summer Internship where many health care projects were taken ahead (Our project – Sleep Apnea has a very wide scope and is in good progress now). 4 of our 5 team members of team ārām are too here for the workshop!
So, working with the same vigor and zeal I can only excitingly await the amazing results and breakthrough products that come out from this workshop!

Being my first time take Hyderabad, it was mandatory to treat myself with the not-so-indian-sounding famous indian shop – The Karachi Bakery. With Shalin, Aparna, Sujeath and Vidya it was a splendid saturday evening spent. Just a 5 minute walk from our Bhavani Executel, it is must visit place for bakery product fans. The fruit biscuits are ones to die for (Yes, the pics are to make you jealous).



The mandatory selfie

The mandatory selfie

Deserts at Karachi Bakery

Deserts at Karachi Bakery

All in all the accommodation is comfortable, with proximity to many shops, restaurants and mall. A good jogging track nearby. Good wifi. The RedX participants are all here – a good place where everyone can meet and know each other.

It is a full moon night here – a day known as Guru Purnima in India; a day where all teachers are remembered and paid respects to. So, with the blessings of all our mentors and professors, I eagerly wait the workshop to kickstart. As our password by John describes – Lets starts making History.

Guru Purnima - Full moon night

Guru Purnima – Full moon night


– Swadhin A. Thakkar
VJTI College, Mumbai.

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