An Unexpected Journey.

Yesterday afternoon I arrived to Bhavani Executel along with my friends Swadhin and Aparna. We had been through a long 15hr train journey from Mumbai and were tired and hungry. We checked into our rooms and then left out for lunch. Having done a little research using Google Maps we headed out to Inorbit Mall which is just 10 minutes walking from Bhavani. Sujeath who lives in Hyderabad joined us for the lunch. We met Sujeath during the MIT Media Labs June Internship held at IIT Bombay.

Post lunch we came back to Bhavani and were planning to rest for the day. But soon we realized that this might be the only free time we may get to roam around. So we decided to go to Karachi Bakery. Being in Hyderabad, this was one place none of us wanted to miss out. So we had a quick nap and left for Karachi Bakery in the evening. Vidya, who also interned with us at IIT Bombay joined us. Swadhin has already blogged about our small journey to Karachi Bakery so I wont get into the details.

Today morning we were supposed to be ready at 7.30 in the morning. At 7.15 Aparna called me to get the status of when we were leaving the room. That time I realized that all three of us in my room were sleeping. We hurriedly got ready and made to the bus just in time. By 8am in the bus, I called my parents back in Mumbai and my DAD was sleepy. It was then that I realized how excited I got about the workshop(Boot Camp from today on) that I almost forgot today was a Sunday.

At L V Prasad Eye Institute we got introduced to the “EYE”. But the speech which really inspired me was that of Dr. Mashlekar. He explained that how innovation finds application only when combined by various other factors. Another thing which got me attracted towards LVPEI is how they nurtured the visually challenged and I was blown away after getting to know how they have overcome numerous challenges in their life and have been true performers. This portrays the true “Robinhood” nature of LVPEI as mentioned by Dr. Vipin.PANO_20140713_183347

A photo of the Hyderabad skyline from LVPEI terrace.


Then we arrived at CYIENT to get awed by our workplace.

The credit to keep the place jolly and happening goes on one man. John Werner.IMG_20140713_204954

“Are you paying attention” and “It was a joke. You can laugh.” We’re gonna get that a lot many times in the upcoming days.

The final thought came up when I saw this Thinking Money Sculpture on our way back to Bhavani.IMG_20140713_220425

All us would be spending our next week cracking our minds, hacking stuff and brain storming. We are off to an awesome start to a memorable week ahead. Good luck to all.


–Shalin Shah

–VJTI, Mumbai.

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