Day 1 Update

Travelling to Hyderabad for the first time from Mumbai, we arrived at the Hyderabad station at around 6:20 AM with an aim to reach at the Bhavani Executel by 7 AM and we did manage to reach there by 7:15 AM. As soon as we entered room we learnt that that there was water scarcity and we hurried to the LVPEI Keynote in the Patodia Auditorium

After the keynote came the LVPEI  institute tour which was quite a thing as it was first time I visited an eye institute. Though we didn’t get to know the problems faced by the eye patients first hand, still we did get to know about the problems from the doctors. In the midst we had an yummy terrace lunch. The CYIENT lab visit, its Amphitheater, the football ground, a talk on Challenges for Innovation in India and the huge campus visit in the evening followed by the awesome dinner ended our awesome day 1. On the way back to Bhavani Executel we saw the Microsoft,Cognizant, TCS, ISB campuses from bus and enjoyed cool climate and pleasant weather of Hyderabad. And as I though it was the end of day but it wasn’t  as there was still the  Midnight FIFA Football Final awating…hoping to stay awake till that time.

Argentine or Germany ?

-Sanket Shah



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