Done with day one

Getting to know about LV Prasad Eye Institute, how things work in the Institute and the kind of impact that is being created is really inspiring. As rightly said by Mr. Vipin, it is the ‘Robin Hood of present time.’ I had always been scared of eye clinics but today actually changed the way I feel about eye institutes. 
When I entered the workshop or boot camp to be more precise, I was focused that I want to work on ‘Reinventing Vision’ that was aimed at making lives better for people who are visually impaired trying to make them independent and helping them regain their lost confidence. But as the day went ahead my approach became more open ended and I was eager to learn more about the other tracks as well.
During lunch break, I had a conversation with Gurnoor. I wanted to know more about challenges she faces in school or other day to day activities. She is not at all shy and a very charming girl who loves to talk, draw, read, write and dance. And there are certain things I feel could be insights to people who want to work on reinventing vision for kids to make it easy for them to read, learn or do any regular activity:
  1. She avoided using the magnifying glasses or any other assistive tool, even if it can help her. Reason being, she don’t want to feel different than others. So in my opinion if any tool is to be designed for this particular age group, it should be fun wearing it, should be aesthetically nice and for the kid it should be a pleasure to use. If it is just functional it won’t help.
  2. She did not like it if somebody said she could not do a particular thing. She is a strong headed girl and would do things that others felt would not be possible for her. So the activities for which tools are to be designed for kids should not be based on just assumptions about their ability to do or not do something.
Talks about innovation have been really inspiring and I am waiting for the second day when we get to work.
  • Neeta Khanuja.

2 thoughts on “Done with day one

  1. Considering the first issue that shes facing which is more of a psychological thing, a cool spectacle stuff….which actually is a cool gadget must make her want to use the technology na…….something like this…..


  2. Thanks for taking the time to interact with Gurnoor Neeta and record your observation here. It is a very IMPORTANT one.


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