Super motivated to work! :D


It has been a great day. I consider it as a honor to be invited to this boot camp. It has been fantastic- meeting the super cool team from MIT, enthusiastic CYIENT team and superb team from LVPEI.

I was astonished to see Everett walk through the door- he looked similar to the person I saw in the TED talk with Ramesh Raskar. Oh my god! I was checking, is it him? Yes, it was him! I’m here in the boot camp from probably the best researcher from MIT. Woah!

Even though I was intimidated to talk to the researchers from MIT at first, I managed to get into a conversation with some of them. 

I had a chat with Daniel about the work culture at MIT and what he was working on there. He told me that he was working on smart architecture- this reminded me of a video I shared on facebook three months back saying, “Awesome work from researchers at MIT”. And Daniel told me that it was their project video. And I was left spellbound. Is it true that I’m with these people who work on the best projects in the world? 

I did not know about Elliott’s TED talk before. I just watched the talk and seeing him in the video I was like- woah! And I don’t have to talk about John, he is super enthusiastic, having awesome sense of humor, always making us laugh. 🙂

At the same time, I met a lot of cool guys around who were working on interesting projects. Intriguing. As I look at all the people around, I’m super motivated to work and at the same time looking forward to share and discuss ideas with all of you.

I am very grateful to each and everyone who made this workshop possible.


Surya (YouTube | Facebook)

NIT Warangal


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