Boot camp day 2

Getting a glimpse of all 16 projects, was amazing, opening us to possible outcomes and the impact that can be created.
Being in the project ‘SUPER STEREO’ , we could visualise how all the projects will be integrated into ours where our project will work as a medium for all to come together and end up in a prototype that will be a step towards the vision of creating an unified interface for various functions.
Today was a day when we understood the objective, visualised a rough form of how it can possibly look like, do research on optics, try few explorations for interface, understand the challenges, simplify, think of solutions, find alternatives and assign tasks. Assigning tasks was done by listing down all the possible research areas and challenges, after a long introduction session with the team until everyone knew the strengths and weakness of each other, picking up interest areas from the list of work that needed to be taken care of. Assignment was not like someone assigning task to everyone. It was more like people picking up work for themselves. But it does involve a lot of interactions and discussions. 
Our team consist of 13 people and is great one to work with. Everyone is responsible, know what they can do, accept what they cannot, committed to solve the challenges as a group and not as an individual. Everyone being self motivated to do what they are best at. Its a real pleasure to work with a team like that. Our mentor is Everett and he has a great ability to breakdown and explain things in a manner that is very effective and simple. The experience of working with such an awesome team and a super duper cool mentor is something i will always remember.
Tomorrow is going to be more intense in terms of work as we have used today to get a clarity on what needs to be done on the first go and so tomorrow we will start with some hands on explorations.
  • Neeta Khanuja.

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