DAT BLISTERING GOAL -a complete closing blast for the first day @ ReDxHyd…

Hi buddies.Hope all of you had no trouble during the first day stay at the executel.Ya Ya,there was a water scarcity yesterday and hopefully is resolved today.Oh, and all you northies, may I ask how the food was?coz I found it a tinsy bit less spicey than the usual Hyderabadi delicacies.Coming to the first day of our workshop, it was talks talks and talks in the pre noon session.If this was the case elsewhere, I would peacefully doze away to glory.The intresting fact is that the talks kept me awake.Each person was such a delight to listen to.Their views and experiences over varying subjects were spellbound to listen to.The trip around various labs and instruments made me nostaligic as those reminded me of my schooling days when I had to visit LVPEI for my family’s regular eyecheck ups.It was a way lot more informative though.The projects we were going to make, the previous year’s projects, and all the teamwork involved were goosebumps moment for me.The journey to CYIENT was like a power nap time :P.I have to agree,CYIENT was one hell of a campus.The weather made it look more aesthetic.I am really really “really” looking forward to work there. -Khyathi,Gaze Tracking 😛


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