Ready and Excited for Day2!! :D :D

Wow!! I can’t believe I am awake an hour before the time I had set on my alarm!! This is the energy filled in me right now! That was an amazing day yesterday! All the talks, the tour of LVPEI, the interactive Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner sessions, etc., everything was so inspiring and fun filled. Meeting with such awesome people who are always ready to help and interact and answer any query any student has! Be it the super energetic team from MIT or the awesome team from CYIENT or the super awesome team from LVPEI and even the friendly students from all over, it was really nice getting to know everyone better.

I am really looking forward to this fun packed, exhausting yet refreshing week that I am going to have this week. Also really excited to meet and get to know everyone here at ReDxeye Boot Camp better.

ThanxRedxeye team for giving me this wonderful opportunity!! J


Sharanya Halady                                                                                                                     IIT(BHU), Varanasi


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