VERY coffee, MUCH work, WOW DIy!

– Krishna (KP)

So then, the second day of my second DIy Engineering the Eye workshop has already given birth to the moon of the 14th’s night as I point LEDs into the fresnel lenses sitting at the same hall we spent our whole day!

I am amazed by the fact that its not always boring to repeat the stuff you have done. Going through the same lesson in my textbook for different exams – boring, watching the Italians (I am a huge Pirlo fan though) play such defensive soccer, match after match – boring, to watch Sebastian Vettel win again and again at the 2013 F1 Grand Prix races – boring (I love Ferrari ;)). You know, recursive functions are not fun in all the cases!  BUT, then you come across things, which make you feel that recursive functions are the solution to everything in this world! Am back again, one more time at the REDx DIy 2014 and it has been such an awesome place to be. I am sure the ones who are new to this boot camp are having a roller coaster of a ride, and I can assure that few of us who are joining this for the second time are brimming with the same energy, if not more! I see that my relationship with the other DIy colleagues has gone up a notch and it is so pleasing!

You get to see so many people who are marvelous in their field, DIy gave me an opportunity to meet such standout people like Prof. Ramesh Raskar, DIy gave me a chance to work with Everett and Amy (they are such amazing people to have around as mentors, I would say the backbone of everything which happens at Diy and we all respect and love you alot), although there is a light year difference between the work ethic of theirs and mine, let alone the profound knowledge they have of what they do! Diy gave me the chance to meet John, I just wish that when I am of his age, I have even half of the energy and the charisma that he possess And then I never ever had this realization that doctors can be this awesome to be with. My memory of a doctor has always been the fear of a large syringe ushering to impinge into my butt!. But then, you have doctors in Dr. Sangwan and Dr. Vipin, who can just sweep you off your feet with just their mere presence! How many docs do open source and build technologies, they do!

What do I say? such has been this journey for me and am sure, for all of us!

I have just had a late night coffee at the CYIENT after having a tremendous game of football in the rain! Football and rain make a love story better than that of Romeo and Juliet for me!

I cannot recall the names of the women’s team players from MIT’s soccer team but if you, by any chance read this post,  can you please bring the soccer ball daily with you? I  hope the rain welcomes all of us on the field every day of the week!

But, then there is one special thing that I would remember this DIy for: A few weeks back, I was watching the TED Talk by Dr. Hugh Herr, where he presented the new bionics developed by the research team at Media Lab and undoubtedly, it is the best TED Talk I have ever watched. Yes, I did cry after watching that, the talk was not emotional but the grit of the man was inspiring, very very inspiring! He and his team are doing something which was beyond excellence. And a few weeks later, I get to meet Dr. Elliott Rouse, one of the members of his team, who was there at the stage during his talk. I was just overwhelmed to just request him that, “please say to Dr. Herr and the whole of your research team that you inspire many students in India”.

Thank you, on the behalf of all the students here at this boot camp for giving us the atmosphere, the week, the “flash of genius” moments, that we crave for!

Up until next time,


It is going to be an awesome night at CYEINT! VERY coffeee, MUCH work, WOW Diy.






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