Boot camp Day 3

Super Stereo team update.Today the team split up into various domains. Tasks taken on hand involve understanding the user interface in terms of hardware, user experience and user interface in terms of software, getting information about the status of other projects to make sure that the hardware structure that we come up with is a union of all the components that others need (for the projects that will be integrated in ours), collecting information about android and backend software used in concerned projects, first iteration of arduino programming, camera capture and foundation design of the electronics, system architecture, first iteration wireframes of the web application that will run on laptop, figuring out technical challenges to build a communication channel between the laptop and android, making a first iteration model of how we visualise the final thing, research on optics and pico projector.

Working in a specific area does not mean that anyone in the team don’t know how the actual system will work. So we meet, we discuss, we share and we make everyone understand what the others are doing so that everyone is on the same page.
Today was the day of first iterations in all the areas of work and so today was the day of problem solving. We have much more clarity about our project now then we had when the day begun. Looking forward to put all the solutions at work tomorrow and iterate on various aspects like the form, design, electronics, software technicalities and optics to get closer to the vision.
And yes John, you are missed by many. Hope to see you back tomorrow.
  • Neeta Khanuja.

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