Looking ahead as we hack together…

Finally found a computer to Post!! (Thanks Sothira)

It has been a wonderful experience in getting this together with the wonderful teams from the MIT Media Lab and LVPEI and the countless phone calls, emails, skype calls and what not over the past few months have resulted in an amazing bunch coming together for greater good.

As John calls it.. We’ve got our work cut out for 5 Billion!

As I specifically look back at my experience from the previous workshops and the current one, it has been an amazing upgrade on many fronts. The wonderful hosts at CYIENT who have left no stone unturned to ensure that we have the best facilities of infrastructure and food. I am sure the environment is right to have some explosive Innovations by the weekend. It is such a great joy to welcome the new team into the fold and also see the senior mentors join us back again. It is quite heartening to see the group of DIy Connect grow into a family where you do share your journeys and also reach out to help one another on various fronts professionally. I envision this to grow into the MOST Respected and MOST Talented hacking group India will ever see in the near future. I know we have the potential to do this!! Each one of you takes a spark back home to influence your kind.

As we start to tackle the projects, remember why you are! You are here to have a Life Transforming experience to build for great impact. What you build will definitely have a bearing in how we do things in the Clinic differently and also efficiently! You have the potential and the OPPORTUNITY to CHANGE countless lives! Look at this BOOT CAMP as a platform to enhance your skills professionally, work with teams, understand team dynamics, know your strengths and weakness, learn to respect one another and also learn to make the most of being mentored by some of the best in the world! The Instructors are all deeply passionate people who truly consider it a honor to work with such bright young minds as yours. Together we can achieve much more! 🙂

Remember, you have been chosen from hundreds of applicants to spend this precious week here. As I move around I see Inquisitiveness, I see Passion, I see the drive in you all to do something good as a Team and I already can see some Global Ideas springing up. Let’s get them where they need to get at! From the high rise cities to the rural remote villages, our innovation must span across the spectrum. This experience has had a profound effect in my life and it has given me the opportunity to push the boundaries and DISCOVER what I can do with the right team in place.

It is great that we get to work with over 15 projects now and am quite happy to see most of them from the last edition rise to the next level of design and production. It is such an awesome display of multi-disciplinary collaboration and we are truly blessed to have such a talented bunch push us on to design innovations for generations to come.

Let’s build the FUTURE… Together!

Love, Doc

P.S: I love the way you are sharing your experiences on the Blog! Keep ’em coming and look forward to more wonderful memories this week!

Dr.Anthony Vipin Das


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