It was an amazing night at the hive.


It was amazing experience to work in the night at hive after all other participants left. We printed our 3D design  with the help of pratap who was kind enough to stay with us all night.

Purpose :

To invesigate the clinical usefulness of the latency of the pupil by optimizing its measurment, characterising its variability, and determining the sensitivity of pupil latency as a function of stimulus input in normal subjects.

Materials and methods :

1) A Good camera with manual focus.

2) 3-D printed case.

3) LED lights

Aurdino board etc.

We prepared a hollow cylinder and enclosed a camera in it.

With the help of camera and led lights we will focus on the eye and shoot a video (or) take a photo and then image processing is done and we will focus on the pupil. And then required programming is done.

So for the next few hours we are going to test the device we developed and program it accordingly.


Team pupil latency.

Vinay , karthik , pavithra , sanjana , abhishek , mansoor.

We thank our faculty Elliott Rouse sir. For his guidance and support. He is awesome and inspirational.

All the best guys. 🙂 Have a good day.IMG_20140716_105920




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