Origami Slit Lamp? Eye think so.

     Who would have thought that a summer interning at a world renowned eye institute in a country on the other side of the planet from my home would lead to participating in my first ever hackathon?! And not just any hackathon… a bootcamp! And one that focuses on one of my passions-preventing blindness and helping people with un-treatable vision loss. This is literally amazing.

     The project team I am on is Origami Slit Lamp with Sneha, Krishna, Rajas, and Aniruddh! Our mission, so we choose to accept it (well, we have obviously), is to design a slit lamp that can start flat and be folded and manipulated like origami into a working slit lamp! Does it sound impossible to you too?

     This is our third day working on the project, and we finally seem to be making some progress! The last few days consisted of being completely lost, feeling victorious after receiving praise, feeling dejected after receiving criticism, and every other emotion in between. Bumpy ride. But we are currently working on making our first functioning prototype! We have tried the different components out, but this will be the first time putting them together. Hopefully it works! Although it is not really an origami based design, there is hope that the different components will be able to start from flat materials, though I suspect there will still be tape needed for a some of the parts.

     We’ve got the base, magnification system, illumination system, and we’re ready to go!


Jen Tylock (MIT undergrad who happened to be interning at LVPEI at the time of the workshop, so got the opportunity to participate!)


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