Team low visual aid apps :D

Let’s start with a bit of history. In 1862, Dutch ophthalmologist Herman Snellen introduced a simple and quick method by which it can quantify the resolution of the eye and thus get the visual acuity. Nearly 100 years later, we discovered that visual acuity is only one aspect or component of visual function, increasing contrast helps too (according to contrast sensitivity function)!

screenshot received_m_mid_1405476749036_31c802e3f558e80242_0Our App:
We are aiming to increase the contrast and also help low-vision patients by estimating the distance of obstacle interrupting their path. Yes, with one camera only, we can estimate the distance pretty accurately.

It’s an accessory like glass/binoculars with an android smartphone in front of it, just like google cardboard. But, instead creating a stereo vision or 3D vision, we will be displaying real time video from the camera with enhanced contrast as well as distance from the obstacle on the path. Increased contrast and distance measurement of the obstacle will help as visual enhancement.

Further Ideas to work on:
We will make the app beep when the obstacle gets really close. Colour detection can also be integrated. Foreground extraction can also be integrated.

It’s an amazing experience to work on the project. The difficulties that hurdled our way was nicely tackled.

Thanks to Shantanu, he is a real inspiration for us. What’s fascinating about him is he had the knowledge of everything we asked, yup, everything! 😀

All the best to other clusters!

Team Low Vision Aid App
(Sai Krishna, Harsha Koneru, Rahul Sapre, Anil Kumar)

PS: These are the screenshots of our basic app 🙂


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