Yeh Dil Maange More!!!

Pratyusha with 1st Prototype of Super-StereoInside Super-Stereo

The Art of Hacking @ “ReDx DIY ‘Engineering The Eye’ Workshop, Hyderabad”.

                  Hello everyone! This is my first workshop with MIT Media Labs and as I expected from it the energy level here is awesome. John, Everett, Amy, Elliot, Dan and my dear buddy Shantanu are all amazing and it is once in a life opportunity to learn stuffs from them. Working on something which can change the lives of a billion people is something which inspires me alot. This is only my second assignment with MIT after the June Internship in IIT-BOMBAY and am obliged that they assigned me with the task of a Senior Mentor. I do miss Guy Satat here, wish even he was here with us. The people from our Team are great in their disciplines and are doing good work.

                  Coming to our project, we have our first prototype for Super-Stereo is ready and trying to improvise it and manipulate the optics inside it. I am working on the Image processing and developing GUI of the device and trying to establish communication between Matlab GUI and the Android Tablet alongwith Venkatesh and Vijay. Nikhil, Pratyusha, Chaitanya and Neeta are working on the optics part of the device. I believe I have the youngest(Pratyusha) and eldest person(Neeta) of this workshop in our team. I have finished setting up the electronics part of it. I do hope that the final prototype would be ready by tonight.

                   Hyderabad is a great place and I am kind of happy to be away from the heavy rainfalls in Mumbai. I do miss my RoboCon Team but I believe they are happy to let me come here in Hyderabad for a purpose which would help and impact the lives of many people. Looking forward for presenting the Prototype in LV Prasad Eye Institute tomorrow. Cheers to all the hardworking people here and wish everyone good luck.


Indranil Chandra,

Senior Mentor,

(Team Super Stereo)          



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