Thanks to all for the gorgeous week :)

This is the end of a gorgeous week. End of eight wonderful days with extreme fun with the super cool, very friendly and highly motivating team from MIT media lab. End of the late night work and walks. Looking forward to meet each one of you at the next boot camp. 🙂

Project – Red Reflex

In simple words, our project was to- take frame, extract pupil, plot histograms. The histograms are different for the pathological and non-pathological eyes. Block diagram below.

Block Diagram of Algorithm



Capturing the red eye on the webcam one of the most challenging tasks in the course of this project. When we have tried everything and almost nothing seemed to work, Everett said he will help us with the project. He started working on it, and the prototype was ready in just minutes! 

Everett, the guy who made his own helicopter and few over the charles river without getting caught by the cops. He’s technically very strong!

Elliott constantly checked up upon us made sure we know what to do next. And he always encouraged us for every little thing we did.

Dan always says, “you are as good as me. Never call me sir.” He gets very enthusiastic when we talk to him and gives us awesome high5’s! 

It’s been great working with everyone. 🙂


Surya (Site | YouTube Channel | Facebook)


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