the END !!!



firstly i thank LVPEI+MIT for the wonderful opportunity given to me as a part of #hackathon  🙂

on the first day i thought it would be boring since i was new to the field of optics !! what would i do in this workshop as i am an electronic student ?? etc all these questions raised in my mind… but when the days went on… i got to know….how simple to know about any new field ..!! 🙂 i met many new frnds they are really “O”sum :* :* my team (STEREO) is wonderful 😀 everyone are very talented ! especially hats off to venkatesh :))  

the last day i felt why does the workshop has come to an END !! 😦 i am really missing the mentors… john for photos 😛 my team  😦 

hope i would meet you ppl in next #hackathon 🙂 😀

#preeti atukuri

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