My experience and a thank you note to all.

This workshop has been a great learning experience from me. It has helped me go beyond my self constructed limitations.

I am back home, in studio. The way I see my studio has altered. Before, it was a design studio but now it feels like a place to create. 
Coming up with ideas is just a step in the journey, the real art is in making it happen.
Even after doing engineering as my graduation, as I finished higher studies in National Institute Of Design, there was a complete shift in the way I worked. I have given some years to learning and working on design projects now but have been out of touch with programming, as with client projects, there is always a technical team to take care of the coding part. 
So, there were some resolutions I made at the end of the workshop, like revising my programming skills, working on explorations ( not just ideas but also creating them ) and prototyping. 
Currently I am working on a braille interface. Exploring if the solution that I have visualised works out the way it should. Will share more updates if it does.
I believe all participants who attended the workshop have gone through a some shift in their thought process and this workshop has altered them in some way or other. So here, I want to thank all the people who made it happen, instructors from MIT, doctors from LVPEI, people who managed the workshop, and the participants.
  • Neeta Khanuja.


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