My experience and a thank you note to all.

This workshop has been a great learning experience from me. It has helped me go beyond my self constructed limitations.

I am back home, in studio. The way I see my studio has altered. Before, it was a design studio but now it feels like a place to create. 
Coming up with ideas is just a step in the journey, the real art is in making it happen.
Even after doing engineering as my graduation, as I finished higher studies in National Institute Of Design, there was a complete shift in the way I worked. I have given some years to learning and working on design projects now but have been out of touch with programming, as with client projects, there is always a technical team to take care of the coding part. 
So, there were some resolutions I made at the end of the workshop, like revising my programming skills, working on explorations ( not just ideas but also creating them ) and prototyping. 
Currently I am working on a braille interface. Exploring if the solution that I have visualised works out the way it should. Will share more updates if it does.
I believe all participants who attended the workshop have gone through a some shift in their thought process and this workshop has altered them in some way or other. So here, I want to thank all the people who made it happen, instructors from MIT, doctors from LVPEI, people who managed the workshop, and the participants.
  • Neeta Khanuja.


the END !!!



firstly i thank LVPEI+MIT for the wonderful opportunity given to me as a part of #hackathon  🙂

on the first day i thought it would be boring since i was new to the field of optics !! what would i do in this workshop as i am an electronic student ?? etc all these questions raised in my mind… but when the days went on… i got to know….how simple to know about any new field ..!! 🙂 i met many new frnds they are really “O”sum :* :* my team (STEREO) is wonderful 😀 everyone are very talented ! especially hats off to venkatesh :))  

the last day i felt why does the workshop has come to an END !! 😦 i am really missing the mentors… john for photos 😛 my team  😦 

hope i would meet you ppl in next #hackathon 🙂 😀

#preeti atukuri

Thanks to all for the gorgeous week :)

This is the end of a gorgeous week. End of eight wonderful days with extreme fun with the super cool, very friendly and highly motivating team from MIT media lab. End of the late night work and walks. Looking forward to meet each one of you at the next boot camp. 🙂

Project – Red Reflex

In simple words, our project was to- take frame, extract pupil, plot histograms. The histograms are different for the pathological and non-pathological eyes. Block diagram below.

Block Diagram of Algorithm



Capturing the red eye on the webcam one of the most challenging tasks in the course of this project. When we have tried everything and almost nothing seemed to work, Everett said he will help us with the project. He started working on it, and the prototype was ready in just minutes! 

Everett, the guy who made his own helicopter and few over the charles river without getting caught by the cops. He’s technically very strong!

Elliott constantly checked up upon us made sure we know what to do next. And he always encouraged us for every little thing we did.

Dan always says, “you are as good as me. Never call me sir.” He gets very enthusiastic when we talk to him and gives us awesome high5’s! 

It’s been great working with everyone. 🙂


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Today is the day!

Today is kind of a big deal, and I don’t think I have yet completely realized that. We have worked so hard on all of our projects, so it’s great that we will actually have a chance to showcase our product. Best of luck to everyone! 

Show off!!!

Here dawns the time to show away our brain childs which were our fixation for the past one week.Our energy,time and thought were in complete surrender to these little beasts. Like a proud papa, we put them out into the world tommorow.Today is going to be a prep for these and off we go to LVPEI again, with full on harged up for our big day tommorw.Our project, Gaze tracker is in a good shape now, and all of us very happy with the outcome.Though there arent big gizmos,prototypes and all cool hardware, we all are highly satisfied with our product which has got pretty high level of image processing and matlabcoding.It blew away our brains for a couple of days, but the beauty is ready to come out into the world. – Khyathi20140717_225001 20140717_224807 20140717_224745 20140717_224555